Greetings!  I wrote this message back in March as I was recovering from my hernia surgery, and I’m working on bringing all the messages I wrote on Evernote over here to WordPress and the brand new Pastor B’s Blog at

So, I’m going to leave this message written in its entirety, and hope that it will minister to you as is. So…from this point forward this is a previously written message that I’m going to be moving to my new blog.


I thought maybe I could do something like this while I’m out of commission. I guess I’m not really out if I’m still writing and posting…but like I said yesterday it’s not about me. As long as I feel up to writing…and the Lord anoints it…then I’ll do it.

I’m happy to report that so far even though I am sore and can’t sleep on my sides yet…I’ve not been in too much pain or discomfort. Praise The Lord for that…Amen.
Well, God is also always on time when it comes to Romans 8:28, and how many of you know the day after you have any kind of surgery it’s a good time to be reminded that God will make this work out for good.

And why does God do that? He doesn’t do it because He does good…He does it because He IS Good. Amen!?!

You Make All Things Work:

Well, as I said in the introduction this is a great time for me to be reminded that God didn’t say all things were good or that all things we go through would be full of sunshine and rainbows, did He?  No. He said He would cause all things to work out for our good. There’s a BIG difference between all things being good, and all things working out for good, isn’t there!?!  So, here I lay a day after surgery, and I could’ve done like I said I was going to…but how many of you know God is in control and if He wants me to write…that’s what I’ll do.

We have to be really careful about praying “not my will, but Yours”, don’t we!?! What I mean by that is if we’re not really prepared to not do our will and only God’s then we need to be careful when we say “not my will, but yours” because His will may not be what we want it to be.  Remember God says His thoughts towards us and His ways for us are higher than ours!?!  God has a different idea then we do when we say “not my will, but Yours.”…I’ve found that out myself by being in ministry.  What I thought and believed God was going to use this ministry for is nothing compared to what He is using it to accomplish in the earth…and what He’s accomplishing is having Christlike Ministries NWA reach nearly 200 nations because of one series I wrote in 2013 called 7 Hebrew Words For Praise…and once they get to the Christlike Ministries NWA blog at they find over 300 Holy Ghost inspired messages to read and get filled by the truth of God’s Word.

Anyways, back to being careful about praying “not my will, but Yours”.  It’s not the same, but remember Jesus had the same struggle I did on His way to the Cross as I was preparing to go for this surgery…and what He was about to do wasn’t going to be very nice, pleasant, or good was it? Oh, but what He did worked out to become the greatest thing God would ever do, and He did it all because He loves us. He made something good come out of the horrible tragedy that was the Cross…didn’t He?

So…I’m sitting here knowing that the rough night’s sleep, the soreness, the not being able to pick up my daughter, and all the things I’d like to do that I can’t right now…it’s all temporary and temporal and the suffering will eventually give way to me getting stronger and healthier and I will no longer be plagued by the hernia that I’ve been dealing with for almost an entire decade.

This brings me to the point that I could have allowed two things to happen at a time like this. I could’ve shaken my fist and been angry with God because He didn’t miraculously heal the hernia…or I could be thankful that I wasn’t undergoing surgery to remove a cancerous tumor or heart surgery or back surgery like my dad will be having later this month with a MUCH more difficult road to recovery and health than me.  I could pout and ask God why He didn’t heal my hernia…or I can sit up when I can and kick the devil’s butt…by doing what God has called me to do…I choose to kick the devil’s butt!

So far, I’ve felt a lot better than I was expecting I would…and I know that’s God.

Let’s Pray:

Father, thank You for all that You do to turn all things around in our lives for good. We recognize that not everything will be sunshine and rainbows…but we do have the Light of the World to help guide us through all those things. Lord, thank You for being with me, thank You for healing my body, and I thank You that even this You are causing it to work out for good…and thank You for being a good God! In Jesus name. Amen

In Closing:

Thank you ALL again so much for your prayers, the good vibes, and the words of comfort and encouragement. They say it’s times like these you find out who is really with you…and who isn’t.

I have already said I have the best followers and that the Christlike Ministries NWA Family is full of outstanding people who I’m so honored and privileged to have the opportunity to shepherd in some way as y’all are entering into or developing or maintaining a relationship with God. You are ALL a blessing to me…and I really DO love you all!

Have a blessed day & God Bless!
Blessings & Grace;
Bryan J Kizer – Pastor
Christlike Ministries NWA
“My love be with you all in Christ.” – 1 Corinthians 16:24 (NASB)