Message Scripture:

“Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men,” — Colossians‬ ‭3‬:‭23‬ (NASB)



I am continuing to work on bringing a few messages to Pastor B’s blog that I wrote using Evernote. This started off being a good idea, but turned into yet another app wanting me to upgrade to a premium account. I find that WordPress works the best for what I do, and so that’s where these messages come from.

I originally wrote this back in April, and the fun thing about this is taking something I wrote with the hopes of it turning out better.

I hope these messages will bless your walk with God.

Everything I Do:

Remember the old Bryan Adams song? It was a hit with the ladies wasn’t it? I mean how romantic a song to sing about how everything that we do we do it for our woman, right!?!   Oh, but that’s not who we are supposed to do everything we do for, is it!?!  The Bible says that we’re to do ALL that we do for the glory of the Lord, and not for our own glory.

No matter what it is…we’re instructed by God’s word to do it for God’s glory.  Yeah…we can even do and use social media to the glory of God. No matter what we’re doing we can always check our motives.

Why do you do what you do at your job?  Do you do it for the paycheck?  Do you do it for a promotion?  Do you do it to be recognized for a job well done?  I would like to encourage you to do what you do for God’s glory…and watch those who are above you take notice.  I did that at my last job, and when I had the attitude that I wasn’t doing it for the paycheck, the promotion, or anything other than glorifying God…those who employed me took notice of the fact that I didn’t treat my last job like the other employees did…and they recognized it…and it also gave me the ability to minister to some of them.

However, when my attitude became about doing my job because I wanted my company to take care of me the way I was taking care of them…it didn’t take long before that attitude began to give birth to an bad attitude.  I began treating my job with the wrong attitude, and that began to infiltrate my heart…and it cause bitterness to grow.  The longer it took them to take care of me like I was taking care of them the worse my attitude got, and it wasn’t long before I had lost the joy I had.  It wasn’t along before I came to realize they weren’t going to take care of me like I was them, and that lead me to have the attitude that I was going to start treating my job like everyone else…and worse.  I started getting prideful about the job I was doing, and the angrier I got at my employer the more things began to frustrate me…and the more frustrated I got…after a while I got frustrated enough to talk to them in a way that wasn’t professional…and it wasn’t long after that my employer and I parted ways.

You see, when I was doing my job for God’s glory I was working for the right reasons with the right motives, but when I started doing the job for my own personal gain I started getting the wrong motives and the peace and joy I had was replaced by frustration and bitterness.

So…let me ask you why you do what you do.  If you do it for anything other than God’s glory…you won’t get the kind of rewards you’d get if you would do them for His glory.  Believe me,  I have personally experienced what happened when my attitude about why I was doing what I was doing changed…and it was for the wrong reason.
These days I have that Bryan Adams song in my mind, but for a different reason.  I just kind of pray it in my heart saying to God that everything I do…I do it for You!

Let’s Pray:

Almighty and Most Holy God, I want all of my life to be lived out to your glory, a living testament of thanks to you for the grace you have given me in Jesus. While I do not always do this as well as I would like, I lovingly offer you my words, my actions, my heart and my mind to bring you glory by doing your will. Please, use your Spirit to remove the areas of self-deception from my life so that weakness and hypocrisy will not rob my discipleship of its intended worship of your majesty. In the name of Jesus, my gracious Lord, I pray. Amen.

In Closing:

Everything! All! No matter what we say, no matter what we do, it is to be offered as a gift of thanks to God with Jesus’ name, power, and honor attached! This makes all of life our worship and thanksgiving to God. There’s no such thing as going to worship, if we live, if we talk, if we act it’s worship and should always involve thanksgiving. So how has your worship been lately?

Have a blessed day & God Bless!

Blessings & Grace;

Pastor B