Greetings CLMNWA Family,

I am sorry that it’s been so long since I last sat down to pen a message.  I have been working on many things behind the scenes to improve what and how I’m doing things here at CLMNWA HQ.  Thanks to my wife I now have a brand new computer, and this is the very first message the Lord’s lead me to write as I work to get back to doing what He’s ordained and anointed me to do.  I am glad to see that the viewership at hasn’t fallen off too much. I would like the viewership of Pastor B’s Blog to pick up, but in order for that to happen I need to write more often.

So, I don’t talk much about end times stuff because that’s not really my area of “expertise”, but when the Lord leads me to write something about end times it usually centers around this verse right here…

“But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.” – Matthew 24:36 (KJV)

The Bible is clear that there isn’t a man or woman or child alive that knows the hour, day, or moment that Jesus is going to return.  All the Bible tells us to do is watch and be ready because Jesus will come at a moment when we’re least expecting it (unless you’re watching the signs).  I am always interested whenever someone says that they’ve come up with a new formula that has led them to a date.  Then, as the date comes and goes I love hearing the excuses as to why Jesus didn’t come back when they predicted.  I have the same answer for all of them. If it was meant for someone to know I’m pretty sure that there would be a reference to said person or that person’s name would be in the Bible, but there’s no verse that gives any reference to any man, woman or child that’s going to accurately predict when the trumpet is going to sound.

Listen.  I believe that end times stuff is one of those things that we as believers make WAY too complicated. If we would live like Jesus tells us to in Matthew 24 watching and being ready for His return then we wouldn’t be so worried about trying to accurately predict when it’s going to be.  I learned my own lesson by saying that I believed that Obama would be the last president I saw elected before Jesus’ return. The truth is no matter who thinks they have found the right mathematically equation to accurately predict the end of the world…no one can…no one has it…and no one will ever have it.  The only one that knows the exact date and time of the Lord’s return is God.

The thing that we all really need to be focused on is just what I mentioned a moment ago.  Making sure that whenever that last blink of an eye comes we’re ready to see Jesus.  I know that I get a lot of Christians rolling their eyes (and non-believers as well) when I say that I would much rather be the one that leaves the neat pile of clothes on the ground instead of the one left to wonder what the neat pile of clothes on the ground is.  My whole point in saying that is to say that I’d much rather be one who will be taken instead of one of the many to wonder where all those annoying Jesus freaks went.  So, I chose to live like Jesus could come back at any moment, and try to live my life accordingly.

So, as much as it’s entertaining to listen to someone say that they’ve finally figured out when the end of the world is going to be…it’s more important to be ready for when the end of the world really comes.  When the trumpet sounds it will be too late to make sure you are in right-standing with God. When you’re the one wondering where all those people went then it will be too late.  So, the best and most important thing for us to be working on and studying for and learning about is how to be sure when that trumpet sounds we’ll be meeting Jesus in the clouds.  So, the next time you hear someone claim they know when the end…remember that the Bible clearly states that in no uncertain terms no man knows.

Have a blessed and relaxing evening everyone!

Pastor B