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I hope everyone’s work week is off to a good start. At the end of this week my baby girl will be 3 years old, and she’ll also have been a full-time preschooler for almost 2 full months. She’s growing and getting smarter…and her personality as begun to blossom even more than it already had. I saw this verse today, and couldn’t help thinking about another verse that we see plastered all over social media these days. That verse, of course, being this one…

“if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” — 2 Chronicles 7:14 (NKJV)

So, what verse did I see this morning that had me thinking about this one? If you haven’t figured it out by the title when you see this verse you’ll know exactly where the Lord wants me to go with this message.

“But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” — James 1:22 NKJV

Don’t get me wrong when I say this, but I love seeing Scripture all over my Facebook and Twitter feeds. It’s great to see so many people posting, and it’s even greater to see people like Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke and Pastor Joel Stockstill taking the time to do teaching videos as well. It’s a great tool to help us fulfill the Great Commission.

The problem I have, however, is that I believe that some times we’re just posting Scripture to post them, and none more these days then 2 Chronicles 7:14 (NKJV)…and rightly so. We here in America need God’s intervention with so many things in this nation, but I can’t help thinking about how everyone is posting and talking about this verse…but there are few that are actually DOING what this verse says to do.

How do I know that? I know this because God’s Word says that IF His people will (1) humble ourselves, (2) pray and seek God’s face, and (3) turn from our wicked ways…yes the Body of Christ needs to turn from IT’S wicked ways that THEN and only THEN will God hear our prayers and heal our land.

I’ve said this before, and I often get blow back from it. I don’t really concern myself with that because I’m not interested in being politically correct or popular I’m interested in being biblically accurate and making Jesus Christ famous. So, my fame and numbers on the internet aren’t important to me…but what is important to me is that Jesus Christ is glorified through the vocation in which He has called and anointed me to serve Him through.

But…I’ve said before that it’s not only the government’s fault that the United States of America is in the mess it’s in today. It’s also not only the fault of the voters who don’t really do their research or homework on the people they’re voting into office. I charge the Body of Christ with most of the blame for where we are as a nation today, and it’s largely because we as a collective body have fallen short in the actually doing of the Word when it comes to 2 Chronicles 7:14 (NKJV).

That’s right, friends, I said the Body of Christ bears some of the responsibility and accountability for what’s happening in our nation today. Because we think it’s enough to just post 2 Chronicles 7:14 (NKJV) or tweet 2 Chronicles 7:14 (NKJV), but rarely do we ever actually humble ourselves, seek God’s face, and turn from our own wicked ways…and therefore our land is suffering because we think it’s cute to post 2 Chronicles 7:14 (NKJV) every where without actually DOING what it says.

Listen. Posting 2 Chronicles 7:14 (NKJV) isn’t going to do anything if we aren’t actually doing the work that 2 Chronicles 7:14 (NKJV) requires us to do in order for God to heal our land. I know we can all agree that the only One that can heal America doesn’t have the last name Trump or Clinton or Johnson or Stein or anyone else…the only One that can heal our nation is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

So, we can’t just post 2 Chronicles 7:14 (NKJV), and think that’s enough because it isn’t. The fruit of what’s happening in our nation reveals that until the Body of Christ becomes unified and stops trying to evangelize one another and argue over things that have little eternal value…our land is not only not going to be healed…but it’s likely that things will get worse.

I attend a church that has what they like to call the 3 C’s. Those are Care, Connect, and Challenge. This message contains a challenge, and that challenge is to not just post that we need to be seeking God’s face for the United States of America…but to actually seek His face. Friends, we need to plead the blood of Jesus over this nation like never before, and this is one of those things that we need to pray for continually.

We need to pray over the upcoming elections for godly men and women who will seek the Lord’s face in their decisions, and that have real, authentic godly character and values. We need to pray over our current leaders that some way, some where, some how they will have a life changing, life altering encounter with Jesus Christ…many of them needing a Damascus Road experience like Saul had before God renamed him Paul.

In closing…I’m going to try to add a video to a song that I’ve been listening to a lot lately, and officially issue that prayer challenge in this way.  Every time you see 2 Chronicles 7:14 on your Facebook or Twitter or Google Plus or Tumblr or Instgram or read it in your Bible…then take a moment before you post it or re-post it or re-tweet it to actually DO what that verse says to do.  Let’s actually take the time to humble ourselves, turn from our wicked ways, and seek God’s face to heal our land, Amen!?!

Thank you as always for your prayers, patience, and support of Christlike Ministries NWA. I love y’all and appreciate every one of you that’s chosen to become a part of the Christlike Ministries NWA Family.  Until next time…

Blessings & Grace ~ Pastor B

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