Good Morning!

Thank you for clicking the link. I hope y’all are enjoying these videos as much as I am. This is only the second one, but I feel like God is going to be able to do something with these that only He can do, Amen.

So today’s message is Repent and Turn and it comes from Acts 3:18-20 (NASB). Each day as you watch these videos and study the scriptures there’s going to be a couple of review questions. I hope you’ll take the time to watch the video, read the scriptures keeping the review questions in mind, and then if you have something that you’d like to share I hope you’ll do that.

That’s how we learn and grow. It’s not just about me writing a blog or making these videos it’s about us coming together as a cyber-congregation to help one another grow, learn, and become the men and women and children God desires us to be.

So, as you’re reading the Scriptures and listening I hope you’ll keep these questions in mind…

(1) What did you learn about God?
(2) What did you learn about mankind?
(3) What will you do differently today as a result of these verses?

Well, I hope y’all will take the time to watch the video, study the scriptures with these review questions in mind, and then take the time to comment on this post with your answers.

I hope y’all will join me next time as we’re in Galatians, and talk about “Christ Lives In Me”. Until then, I’m going to work on a few written projects, and see if I can’t get them posted by the end of the day.

Have a blessed day in the Lord!
Blessings & Grace
Bryan Kizer – Pastor
Christlike Ministries NWA